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Millions of people wake up everyday without knowing the answer to this question. Their stuck in the rat race called life and before they know it that life is over. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. Out of the hundreds of millions of swimmers that were vying to be born we beat them all. Think about that for a second. Imagine going on a job interview with 500 million other applicants competing against you. Once you got it you would probably say something like, “I guess this was meant to be”. Or holy Sh**!!! Either or you would realize that there’s something special about you. I’m here to help you figure out what that is.


Join Cornell Thomas for his world book tour!

Rockaway Mall Rockaway, NJ Thursday, August 17
Green House Hotel Bournemouth, England Thursday, August 24
Byer Ford Morristown, NJ Monday, August 28
Book Soup L.A., CA Friday, September 1

Chase your dreams until they get tired of running from you

What people have to say about Cornell Thomas

Cornell Thomas, as well as his 2 amazing, inspiring books have helped me SEE, BELIEVE & REALIZE the person that I am, the person I deserve to be & focus on MY PURPOSE in life. By committing to his coaching for myself & my TEAM, and plugging into his daily quotes via social media and live periscopes, I have the consistent daily reminders of personal growth. As Personal Growth is the single most important aspect of being successful. You cannot grow in LIFE unless you are continually growing YOU. Thank you Cornell for being my LIFE COACH and making me realize, I AM WORTH IT. #arbonnearmy #highfives #allmyloveandgratitude
Debbi Sudaley, NVP Arbonne
“Cornell is not only a great speaker, he is a great motivator, an inspirer, and a go-getter. It doesn’t matter what group he is speaking to, he is guaranteed to light a spark in your heart and your mind. I’ve seen him speak to a variety of audiences – from doctors to students – and every single person has walked away in awe. Cornell promotes action, not day dreaming. Proactivity versus reactivity. I promise you will walk away motivated, inspired, and ready to take on your life’s to-do list!”
Ally Padden, Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator
If you want to inspire your team or audience there is no one who has more passion and enthusiasm then Cornell Thomas. He is committed to changing the world with his positive and empowering message. He serves selflessly from his infinite energy and love for people. Cornell is authentic and easily relates to his audiences. He is one of the world’s hidden treasures.