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1 second left on the game clock. Insert players name here steps to the free throw line to shoot two shots. His/her team is down by one point; one make means at least overtime the second one means a championship. The player goes over the routine they've done since they were a kid. First shot [...]


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  I remember during my freshman year in high school me and a friend of mine were in the store around the corner from where I lived. At this point my family and I had already moved out of Passaic (which was a predominately black and spanish city) and relocated to Rockaway (which was the exact opposite) [...]

Sticks and Stones

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It's amazing how much time people waste talking negatively about others. In our society it's looked at as normal. It's office cooler talk at work, or kids just being kids in school but I see it as something completely different. I see it as someone taking one of the most precious things we have in [...]


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No I have never physically jumped out of a plane nor do I have a ton of interest in doing so. To me the title of this blog signifies something completely different than the actual meaning. I have close friends that have tackled this challenge and they all went through a similar routine. Fear, a [...]