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.... I ve never owned a dreamcatcher before and to be honest I never quite knew what one was until about five years ago. A good friend of mine had one in her car hanging on the rear view mirror. I saw the rabbits foot and just assumed it was for good luck. When I [...]


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  It's very hard to explain to someone that has never been in it before, and to be honest until I got a little older I never quite understood it. All I can say is you feel like you're having an out of body experience. It's like you're watching yourself play a game from a [...]


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There are a lot of different definitions for the word hacker. One of them loosely means "someone that breaks into computer systemscwith the intentions to damage it." That’s the definition that resonates with me the most. Every day we have to deal with hackers, people or situations that try to break into our day with [...]

St. Roccos

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My sophomore year of junior college was when I started to make a noticeable jump in skill level as a basketball player. The summer before I grew another inch, I played in a summer league with all college players, some whom even played overseas, and my confidence level was soaring. Junior college seemed like a [...]