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In households all over the world there are people on a quest for something that is not real. Late at night infomercials fuel this ignorance with testimonials from people that have somehow found the most sought after thing since the fountain of youth. If curiosity is killing you right now (and you haven’t read the [...]


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I can honestly say for the first sixteen and a half years of my life there was no other person I wanted to be beside myself. I didn’t dream about being a famous actor, or musician. I was pretty content with just being Cornell Thomas. Once I found basketball my junior year that all changed. [...]


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This past week I was at a coach’s clinic in Indiana. The clinic is run by one of the assistant coaches of the Boston Celtics and another long time NBA assistant coach. Some of the brightest and most successful coaches in the country have spoken at this clinic in the past, so I make sure [...]


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It was a normal day in jiu jitsu class. We went though our warm up, drilled technique, and were now going to do some live training or "rolling" to end class. For those that don't know jiu jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting. It's one of the few martial arts where [...]