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"Bad association spoils useful habits" That’s a quote from the bible my mom use to say to me and my siblings all the time. She wanted us to understand that who we hung out with could act as either a positive or negative influence in our lives. Whenever I see the word entourage I immediately [...]


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Whenever there is a storm our natural instincts tell us to run. Girls cover up their hair right away, and guys do the tough guy walk for about three steps before they launch into an all out sprint. The funny thing about storms is that they usually give us a warning before they hit. The [...]

9 to 5

2017-02-03T02:25:26+00:00October 13th, 2012|

This week I had an epiphany. It isn't a new way of thinking for me or something I didn't know before, but it's a different way to look at life. A long time ago I used to work in a pharmacy selling lottery tickets to customers. The first thing they would fantasize about if they [...]


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Those three words werefrom Mrs.Coulson. She was a black belt at the first martial arts school I attended when I got out of college. We were doing a judo competition in class, and our sensei (head instructor) was picking people to go against each other. He would call out two names and the individuals would [...]