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 All I knew was when my mom and brother Ron came back they always had a box full of food. The rest of us were home either sleeping or to busy goofing around to realize what was happening. I was only about twelve years old. I was aware of my family’s financial situation, but never [...]


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Most people if armed with a hammer would commit the same violent act that the perpetrator in this picture is going to do to her alarm clock. Every morning millions of them go off around the world. Bedrooms are either filled with a favorite radio station, a loud buzz, or the ever so annoying rooster [...]


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In about two months people all over the United States will look into the mirror, and vow to get that gym membership they've been putting off for the last year or so. Some will write their fitness goals down on paper, others will try to convince a friend to sign up with them. After that [...]


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 The old expression "the elephant in the room" is a metaphor for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. I have and would never make pretend that I'm someone that closely follows politics. My view of politics most likely goes against the norm. I'm neither democrat nor republican. Both parties since [...]


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When you watch "end of the world" movies a couple of key things always happen. The first is widespread panic. People running and falling over each other trying to escape whatever cataclysmic event the director has thought of to wipeout the planet. The second is a hero. Someone that’s picked to save the world from [...]


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Living in NJ I'm all too familiar with paying tolls. Travel on the turnpike or parkway and you'll see a tollbooth every couple of miles. Back in the days before EZ pass you would have to scramble to find that quarter you just fumbled under your driver’s seat. At this point in your search a [...]