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2017-02-03T02:25:06+00:00December 31st, 2014|

Which one do you prefer? If you’re like the millions of people in the world frantically eating their “last” donut today before they start fresh tomorrow, I already know your answer. You see tomorrow morning every fitness gym in America will have a few extra visitors. […]


2017-02-03T02:25:06+00:00December 27th, 2014|

Fear can be funny sometimes. Not in a I can’t believe this bear is still chasing me kind of way, but how it tricks our mind into making even the smallest molehill into a mountain. For whatever reason that molehill for me was doing an assisted handstand. I throw in assisted just so you know [...]


2017-02-03T02:25:06+00:00December 20th, 2014|

I can see them right in front of me. I know that I’m positioning myself to one day in the very near future accomplish every single one of them. […]


2017-02-03T02:25:06+00:00December 6th, 2014|

Change doesn’t happen without consent. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change doesn’t happen without belief. Change doesn’t happen without some grief. Change isn’t easy. Change takes time. Change is understanding that there’s a better way. […]