break_glass_520x196I can see them right in front of me. I know that I’m positioning myself to one day in the very near future accomplish every single one of them.

Their like looking at something in a glass case, I have them in my hand but I’m still on the outside. It’s almost like their taunting me, daring me to find a way in.

I know that my work ethic will eventually break this glass. I know that this glass isn’t as formidable as my mind would like me to believe sometimes. Eventually I will realize there is no glass. The glass is just a figment of my imagination put there by my own doubts and fears.

I believe so much in me that I smile every step closer I get to them. Every book I write, every life I help, every new person I meet, I smile. I know that their time is limited, and I believe they know it to. It’s not a love/hate thing between us its all love. It’s like almost beating your big brother in a race, or finally scoring a legitimate basket on your dad in the driveway. They know its coming, maybe not today but they know.

They eventually stop agreeing to race with you at all. Dad’s “back injury” from college that has never appeared before is now flaring up when you ask to play 1 on 1 against him. You’re closing the gap faster than a cheetah does with its prey, and man do they know it.

Every morning I wake up the universe allows me another shot at it. That’s why I’m up so early, that’s why I send a million tweets at the crack of dawn, and that’s why I know their days are numbered. I’m relentless, I never want them to feel comfortable, I always want them to feel hunted.

My goals can’t run forever. I tell people to chase their dreams until their dreams get tired of running from them. That’s what I’m doing now. I don’t get tired, I don’t let doubt make that glass wall thicker than it really is, and I am way to stubborn to let any door that closes make me think that there’s not another one I could open.

I will pick them off one by one, some of you without even knowing it will help me on my mission and for that I thank you. I also hope that you know that I’m here for you as well. We will break through the glass, believe!!!

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