ferguson1-2Change doesn’t happen without consent. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Change doesn’t happen without belief. Change doesn’t happen without some grief.

Change isn’t easy. Change takes time. Change is understanding that there’s a better way.

Change is realizing that what happened yesterday can no longer happen today.

Change is not the acceptance of old ideals; it’s the creation of new ones.

Change is not the responsibility of just one person. Change takes a nation of open minds.

Change is not biased. Change is not turning Watts into LA and then into Ferguson. Change is not about finding justice its about stopping injustice. Change is not letting the media divide. Change is not about picking sides.

Change is not killing unarmed men regardless if like all of us they sin. Change is finding out why. Change is sometimes allowing logic to override emotion. Change is not hating someone else that has a different notion.

Change is not condemning a race, an occupation, a country, a religion, a sex, a belief, or anything else based on one person. Change is not telling me that all police officers are bad, because my brother was one and so was my dad.

Change can happen when we stop. When we stop and realize there will be no justice without a better justice system. When we stop having black leaders and start leading ourselves. When we stop judging people by baggy pants and hoodies. When the color of someone’s skin doesn’t mask the intentions of their heart.

It can’t happen. It won’t happen. If the pattern repeats. If hate is the only thing we allow ourselves to see. Ask yourself what the world needs.

It needs change.

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