article-0-073C938B000005DC-571_634x670Fear can be funny sometimes. Not in a I can’t believe this bear is still chasing me kind of way, but how it tricks our mind into making even the smallest molehill into a mountain.

For whatever reason that molehill for me was doing an assisted handstand. I throw in assisted just so you know how easily I was fooled into thinking this particular feet was life threatening.

I first tried while working out in the gym with two very brave workout partners avoiding kicks in the face to hold my legs up. Needless to say I wasn’t super successful on my first attempt.

The second time I tried was in yoga, and being that one of my legs weighs the same amount as my instructor I aborted the mission before I hurt the both of us. Flashback to this past Sunday. One of the kids I work with and I got to the gym early before our basketball session and I expressed my goal of getting a handstand. She’s a former cheerleader so in about a second her feet were up in the air and safely landing on the wall for balance. After some instruction my feet were doing the same exact thing. Now mind you I haven’t done this without help in all my years on earth, and for some reason on this particular Sunday it happens. What the heck?!?!? Were the stars aligned just right? Did I turn into a 125lb gymnast overnight? No my friends I just said screw it and went for it.

I was so focused on the reasons why I couldn’t do it that I never entertained the fact that I most likely could. I was doing what I tell people not to do on a daily basis. I was focused on past failed attempts, I was picturing me going through the wall like the Kool-Aid man, and I kept remembering the story about the little Spanish kid on the movie Breakin who broke his neck doing a head-spin. Yeah my mind is a little out there but the bottom line is I was feeding my mind nothing but negative images and messages. On Sunday I turned my mind off and just did it, and after that I did it again, and again. After the fourth time I was more mad at myself than anything. I couldn’t believe I didn’t roll over this speed bump a long time ago.

My obstacle was a handstand, yours might be something completely different. Maybe its losing 20lbs, going on that job interview, asking the girl out that has you in the friend zone, whatever it is ask yourself one question. Is this as bad as being chased by a bear? No? Awesome then get to it!!