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2017-02-03T02:25:05+00:00February 14th, 2015|

Will you wake up early and stay late? Will you sacrifice what you like to accomplish what you love? Will you stop making excuses? Will you put your dream first and your doubts second? Will you look in the mirror every day and believe in the reflection staring back at you? […]


2017-02-03T02:25:06+00:00February 8th, 2015|

When I wake up in the morning I wait. It usually happens about an hour or so after I post my morning quotes. I hear a little rumbling from down the hall, and then I hear a faint voice that say’s “da da”.  I stay in my bed for a little bit longer because I [...]


2017-02-03T02:25:06+00:00February 2nd, 2015|

Back in the days there was a toy called a chia pet. You folks that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s know exactly what I’m talking about. Im not sure if it was a sheep or goat but the premise of this toy was to pour water on it, and then sit back and [...]