confidenceWill you wake up early and stay late? Will you sacrifice what you like to accomplish what you love? Will you stop making excuses?

Will you put your dream first and your doubts second? Will you look in the mirror every day and believe in the reflection staring back at you?

Will you stop taking shortcuts? Will you finally take the first step? Will you believe in you when others don’t? Will you put the work in that others won’t? Will you?

What’s your answer? If you’re thinking of excuses as you read that paragraph then I already know it. You see a complex answer isn’t needed. These are yes and no questions.

The answer can only be one of the two. You’re either willing or your not. You’re either all in or all out. Those that sit on the fence never get off it. Indecision is the killer of opportunity.

One of the best life lessons my mom ever taught consisted of her not saying a single world. When I was eighteen years old and still an extremely raw basketball player my mom and I went to visit a local college.

The purpose of this visit (in my eyes) was to hopefully bribe the coach into letting me play on the team the following year.

So as I sat there in the coaches’ office with mama Thomas, (wondering if the coach would even allow me to practice with the team) my mom asked him a question. “How many players have gone to the NBA from here”? The coach graciously put on a serious face and told my mom that the answer was zero.

As I watched the look of disappointment come across my moms face, I personally wanted to sink into my chair from embarrassment. On the ride home I realized something.

My mom had more confidence in me than I did.

That was the day that I told myself I will. I told myself I will never let anyone or anything stop me from achieving my goal of playing professional basketball.

Once I became willing I became able.