Who Am I?

Who is Cornell Thomas? That’s a question that even I wasn’t quite sure about until 5 years ago. When I sat down to write the about section for my website, I didn’t want to give you some generic answer. I could have easily said that I’m an entrepreneur or speaker but that’ doesn’t tell you who I am.

I am the youngest son of Bobby and Tina Thomas. That sentence is very important in regards to who I am. If not for my parents I wouldn’t be the man you see today. My father passed away when I was just three years old, and although my time with him was brief I have learned through others the amazing legacy that he left behind., as a police officer and community leader.

My fathers passing forced my mom to become our everything. She was now our main provider, mother, and life educator. She was forced to become an expert problem solver, and that skill was passed down to her children. My mom raised us on the old adage, Everything happens for a reason”, and that one lesson out of the myriads she has taught me was never forgotten. It’s what I remembered when I suffered a career ending basketball injury, and the first thing I think about when any adversity comes my way.

In that dark time my mom’s teachings served as my light. It was that bouncebackability ingrained in me since my youth that has allowed me to find my purpose through the pain. Now I speak all over the world sharing that knowledge with others, so who am I?

I am a former athlete, a speaker, an author, a thinker, an actionvist, but more importantly than any of those titles I’m a husband and father.

Cornell Thomas
Cornell ThomasProfessional Speaker, Coach and Author
Power of Positivity book signing in Rockaway, NJ
That’s the question most people spend their whole lives trying to answer.

I thought my purpose in life was to play professional basketball. In 2003 I received a contract to play professional basketball in Portugal. A dream I had since I discovered the sport at 16 finally came to fruition.

Two weeks before I was supposed to leave I suffered a career ending injury. Little did I know that injury helped me find my true purpose in life, which is helping and motivating others. In 2010, I decided I wanted to start a new movement. I was sickened by all of the negativity I was seeing online. I decided to start writing my own motivational quotes for my personal Facebook page. The quotes eventually led me to writing a blog, and the blog led to my first book “The Power Of Positivity-Controlling Where The Ball Bounces.”

In 2011, I realized what my true purpose is. That purpose is to inspire and motivate others. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak all over the United States sharing my story with people from all walks of life. Daring others to say What Now instead of Why Me in the face of adversity.

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