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To change the world one location at a time. This isn’t a workshop it’s a movement. With some of the best thought leaders from all over the globe our goal is to inspire you to not only be more but do more.

You are worthy of greatness!!

Most people go their whole lives without realizing one simple truth, WE determine the life WE live. WE are the architects of our past, present, and future.

Your life changes the moment you realize that you’re responsible for it; no one else. Whether the glass is half empty or half full depends on the person in possession of the cup, and that person is YOU.

Let’s Change The World!

I started my mission four years ago because I wanted to make the world a better place. I was tired of seeing all the negativity we are force fed through television, and social media. So I took action, I started the Power Of Positivity and didn’t look back.

The world is a divided place. We’re divided by race, religion, finances, social status, politics, gender, and just about everything else. I wanted to start a movement where none of the above mattered, and we can all come together as one.


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