Project Description

Most leaders are obsessing over the wrong things. They spend sleepless nights fixated on their bottom line. At the end of the day they equate success to a number. What they often overlook is the most important part of the success equation, themselves. Who you are and how you show up as a leader has a direct effect on your team. If you are not right with you the trickle down effect could obliterate that precious bottom line you are working so hard for. If you remove the head the body will fall, and that’s why self-awareness is such a vital skill for leaders to have.

The analogy of applying the oxygen mask on an airplane is used often when it comes to this subject. Put yours on first, and then help the rest of the team breathe. I have dealt with countless people in leadership positions that feel guilty for taking time for themselves. This was one of the many reasons I started my Executive Coaching Program. I designed a six-month program for those that often forget to put themselves first. In this program we concentrate from the inside out. We start from the top and work our way down. The mission is to make you the best leader you can be, so your team can be the best team they can be.


  • 2 Full Day Immersion/Vision Session: One day of shadowing and one day of implementing strategy (face to face sit down with Cornell Thomas to go over short term and long term goals)
  • Inside the lockeroom training program (companies and teams)
  • 1 Half Day Six Month Review (face to face where we assess progress)
  • 8X30 Minute Calls Per Month (4 Video and 4 via Telephone)
  • Unlimited email access (Monday through Friday)
  • Text Message Access (on non coaching days 9am – 5pm)
  • One VIP ticket to the Positivity Summit events for a year, regardless of location or size of the event.


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Cornell Thomas
Speaker, Coach and Author